The installation Line Array is an octave of resonating traditional Javanese instruments named Angklungs. It discovers an alternative approach of creating sounds from Angklungs through arrays of electronic pulses. These pulses are generated from algorithms which are initiated by a line of movement over the Angklungs. Line Array was part of the exhibition ‘KLUNG! Contemporary interpretations of Angklung’ a collection of experiments in finding the identity of Angklung in today’s world through design, music and technology, Singapore 2012.

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Photo Credits: SUSEJ
Video Credits: Media Lab Lasalle

Materials; custom hardware, DC motors, distance sensors, Angklungs
Dimension; 150 x 100 x 50cm
Tools; Arduino
Credits; Dhiya Md, Darrick Ma, Andreas Schlegel, Ferdi Trihadi, CHASM Collective
Year; 2012